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From Work-Life/Career-Family Balance to Patchworking Life: 9 Principles to Get it All Under One Roof

This workshop critically examines the current model of work-life-balance/ family-career balance as discussed in many bestselling “how-to-books”. A new model for achieving more satisfaction and control in matters of combining our private and professional lives, called “Patchworking Life” is being introduced.

Participants will rethink their current view of how how commitments in professional and private life can be integrated and understand that constant stress over mastering the balance of work and life limits us in our capabilities. Participants will reflect on their individual preference of work-life balance and realize that a balanced life is a very individual perception, which starts with self-responsibility. Participants will learn about a new model for work-life design and its underlying principles to achieve more satisfaction with one’s (working)-life.

Daniela Elsner is professor of TEFL/ TESOL pedagogy at Goethe University Frankfurt Main. She is an expert in understanding how people learn and develop, and which impact language, words and communication have within this process.

As a qualified systemic and solution-oriented Business & Life Coach she takes individuals, teams and companies to new levels of awareness, discernment and performance.

As a successful scientist, author of several books and journal articles, female executive, owner of her own coaching business, and mother of 2+1 kids, she is an expert in maintaining the work-life/ work-family balance, a model which, however, she is currently working on to be replaced.