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From Science to Business – How to Start Your Own Company

Many early career researchers come to a point where they discover that the results of their work could have a high application potential, could be patented, or even result in a commercially successful product. Usually, they face the problem that the projects stop at this stage since the further commercial development is not part of their career in academia or industry. But there is a solution: Why not starting an own business?

The workshop will give insights into the process how to create a science based spin-off company and will inform about grant programs supporting early development projects at the university to be prepared for founding a company.

Successful entrepreneurs will give first-hand information how they initiated their business idea and transferred their research into a start-up project.

Lecturers: Dr. Michael Blind and Christoph Zinser are start-up consultants in the team Spin-off Service, which is part of the Unit Transfer at the LMU Munich. For more than 20 years, the LMU Spin-off Service has supported students, post-graduates, academic staff members and professors, who aim to found a “spin-off” company based on the results of research carried out at LMU. The team provides a customized advisory service, support in the development of a business plan and assistance in funding matters.