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Everything you need to know about – Digitalization

Robotics, Communications and the World of Work: How technology is transforming our society and how it will affect us as individuals.


The future of work
Seldom offline, always on a leash

The relentless advance of digitalization is altering the contours of our working lives. Will digital piecework soon dominate the job market? Here, LMU economist Professor Arnold Picot discusses the role of digitalization in shaping tomorrow’s world. more

roboter_260The RoboLaw Project
The Essence of the Machine

Software-based systems, autonomic machines and intelligent prosthetic devices are on the horizon. An EU-sponsored project plans to draw up a regulatory framework for robotics. The LMU philosophers involved are now analyzing the ethical implications of this aspect of our technological future. more

- Foto: momius / Fotolia.comOur Digital Society
The Relentless Revolution

Digitalization, a product of advances in electronics, is transforming economic life. Information systems analyst Thomas Hess studies the diverse impacts of such technological innovation on different sectors of the economy. more