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Rental prices

Munich is the most expensive city for renting property in Germany. You can expect to pay around 13 euros per square meter (or even more), whereas in small towns or suburbs prices fall to about 5-8 euros per square meter. With the exception of the administrative districts (Landkreise) of Munich and Starnberg, rents are comparatively low in all neighboring districts, with the lowest in Dachau and Erding. The most expensive city districts for property rental are currently Schwabing, the city center, Neuhausen, and Bogenhausen. The City of Munich publishes a brochure of the current rent index (Mietspiegel), giving a more precise overview.

Standard rent prices usually refer to Kaltmiete, the base rent which does not include utilities such as the cost of electricity, water, heating, and waste disposal. These are extra. For furnished rooms, these extra costs are usually included in Warmmiete. When reading descriptions, check for these words, or just kalt or warm, KM or WM. And ask about these extra costs, or Nebenkosten, when inquiring about an apartment.

In Germany, empty, partially furnished, and fully furnished apartments are available. Empty apartments really are empty: no furniture, lamps, curtains or, in many cases, not even kitchen fittings, sink, and appliances. Partially furnished apartments have at least some furniture, sometimes even a completely equipped kitchen. Usually, however, German apartments are rented unfurnished. Single rooms and rooms in student dormitories are usually furnished. So check advertisements carefully or ask about it when you call to respond.