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Degree programs

LMU offers Bachelor, Master and doctoral programs as well as other degrees in more than 150 disciplines and subjects. Most of these programs are taught in German (even though individual classes in these programs are sometimes taught in English) and require sufficient knowledge of the German language.

For graduates and post-graduates, LMU Munich also offers a growing number of master and doctoral programs taught in English.

For more details and a comprehensive list of all lectures, seminars and courses as well as the contact details of all offices and staff, take a look at the course catalogue, also known as LSF. To find out which courses are held in English click on “Suche nach Veranstaltungen”. Select the relevant semester, then choose a faculty (Einrichtung) and/or subject area (Studiengang) and click on “Auswahl übernehmen”. Select English as the language of instruction (Unterrichtssprache) and start the search (Suche starten).

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