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Economics (Master)

Degree: Master of Science
Description: The Department of Economics at LMU Munich offers a 4-semester Master’s Program in Economics taught in English, leading to a Degree of Master of Science (M.Sc.). Building upon thorough training in Economics at the Bachelor’s level, the Master’s Program provides students with analytical and logical problem-solving skills, deepens their knowledge of Economics and brings them to the frontiers of current research. Master’s students are trained for a demanding international professional career, and/or for an academic career in high-level economic research. From a widely structured course catalogue, students have the option of choosing research-oriented courses that will perfectly prepare them to continue with our Ph.D. Program. The content of the research-oriented courses overlaps to a large extent with that of the first year Ph.D. course program.
Program start: winter semester only
Duration: 4 semesters
Faculty: Department of Economics
Tuition: There are no tuition fees for this course. There is, however, a semester fee of 128 € for each student comprising a student services contribution (62 €) and a basic fee for public transportation (66,50 €).
Admission requirements: Admission to the Master’s Program in Economics is determined by a selection procedure that assesses a student’s suitability for the program. This procedure establishes whether applicants who have obtained their Bachelor’s qualification in Economics (or in a subject that is similar in terms of content and methodology) at universities other than LMU are able to fulfil the particular requirements for participation in the Master’s program. These include a good understanding of the subjects and methods covered in a Bachelor’s Program in Economics, particularly in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Empirical Economics.
Program homepage: /05_vwl/05sg_master_en/index.html