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During your stay

Can I make changes to my Learning Agreement during my stay at LMU?

If you want to make changes to your Learning Agreement, the academic supervisors of your home university and LMU must agree to the changes. The changes must be signed off by all parties. You should send a copy of the amended Learning Agreement to your home university. Please also submit a copy of the amended Agreement to the International Office.

How do I register for courses and exams?

To register for courses, please contact your academic supervisor after your learning agreement is complete. Be aware that being registered for a course does not mean you are registered for the corresponding exam. To register for exams, please talk to the lecturer.

Who can I contact regarding questions about my subject or courses?

The International Office is only responsible for the administrative part of your stay. If you have specific questions about your subject, please contact your academic supervisor. The academic supervisor is also responsible for your Learning Agreement. If you have questions regarding a specific course or module, please contact the relevant lecturer.

I want to extend my stay, what steps do I need to take?

If you planned only to stay one semester but now want to extend to two semesters, you need to first of all get approval from your home university. If your coordinator approves the extension, you should then seek approval from your academic supervisor at LMU. Please then contact the International Office to update your status.

Please be aware that extending your stay does not extend your student housing. You will need to find other accommodation for the second semester.