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Master Pieces


Dust and decibels
In Chennai, Anitha Pitchika studied dentistry, but turned her attention to environmental issues when she came to Germany. In her Master’s thesis at LMU, Anitha explored the effects of air pollution and noise levels on human health.


Going it alone
While working on his M.A. thesis, Hannes Pichler spent weeks in the archives in Berlin and Freiburg, applying for access to files, and analyzing documents that shed new light on the early phase of Germany’s diplomatic ties with Israel.


"Roads to Europe"
Few people know that the European Court of Auditors (ECA) was founded by a member of the Bavarian CSU. But that is set to change, now that the ECA itself has published Laura Ulrich’s Master’s thesis in an English translation.


“Where’s the lecture at?”
Lukas Ziegler and Timo Loewe both chose to tackle a practical problem in their MSc projects. And on the side, they teamed up to develop the LMU Roomfinder, an app that earned them an LMU Student Research Prize from Lehre@LMU.

The last sentence is complete. It’s time to PRINT! Our new series “Master Pieces” features especially noteworthy Bachelor’s and Master’s theses from LMU – their subjects and their authors.




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