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cooksoncampus_260_webChalau - White Basmati Rice with Cumin

Ingredients (serves 6)

  • 600 g Basmati long-grained rice
  • Salt
  • Cumin
  • Oil
  • Water


  1. Wash rice and leave in a bowl of water for about 2 hrs.
  2. Add salt (2 tsp.), cumin seeds (1 tsp.) and oil (4 tbsp.) to about 300 ml of water in a pot, and boil briefly. Keep warm!
  3. Boil salted (1 tsp.) water (enough to cover the rice completely), add the washed and strained rice and cook until tender. Strain off the liquid and put the rice back in the pot. Now add the cumin-in-oil mixture (there should be enough to cover the bottom of the pot to a depth of about 1 cm.)
  4. Turn the hotplate up to maximum heat. Heap the rice in the center of the pot (make a few holes with the wooden spoon so that the steam can escape) and leave on high heat. When only about a 1-cm layer of broth remains, sprinkle the rice with carroway seeds. After a few minutes the mixture will begin to crackle. Now(!) is the time to reduce the heat to a minimum so that the rice doesn’t burn, and a tasty crust can form at the base of the pyramid. Remove the lid, wrap it in a tea-towel and replace it on the pot!
  5. Add heated oil (5 tbsp.) to the rice, mix well and simmer for 15-20 min!
  6. Serve on a single large plate.