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Religious Organizations

If you want to help shape religious life at LMU or join a community of like-minded students, you can join a religious organization—or form your own!

  • Catholic University Community (KHG Leo 11): This group welcomes students of all disciplines and cultures to learn and develop in your faith, as well as to spend time relaxing (and celebrating!) together.
  • Protestant Student Community (ESG): ESG provides students with religious and academic (even language) support in a welcoming community.
  • Greek Orthodox Metropolis: For students of (or interested in) Greek Orthodox faith, this community welcomes international students.
  • Islamic Association of Universities (IHV): IHV represents muslim student’s interests at universities in Munich and also acts as a network for graduating students entering the work world. One of its primary missions is to build bridges between cultures, religions, and worldviews.
  • Union of Jewish Students in Bavaria (VJSB): An organization dedicated to all areas of Jewish student life, this group is involved in promoting Jewish culture, facilitating intercultural dialogue, celebrating holidays, throwing parties, organizing sporting events, and participating in political issues.