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Peer Mentoring and Tutorial Programs

P2P-Mentoring for freshers and students new to LMU

P2P-Mentoring (in German) is an initiative of the LMU Center for Leadership and People Management and is designed for all new students at LMU, independently of their nationality or degree type. Students from advanced semesters will help you settle in at LMU Munich or with the next step of your studies.

Buddy Program (Exchange Students Only)

The Buddy Program (in German) organized by the International Office helps exchange students to form a personal connection with native German students at LMU.

This program connects you with a native German student at LMU to help you find your feet as a new student. You’ll get help with things like the organization of your stay in Munich and specific questions that you may have about studying at LMU or living in Munich. Buddies are not employees of the university and work solely on a voluntary basis.

TutoRIA, MESA, and other Student Organizations

All international students can participate in events through the many student organizations like TutoRIA, MESA, Catholic and Protestant Student Association, etc.