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Studying with a Disability

If you are a student or prospective student with a disability or chronic illness or disease, LMU provides several services.

LMU Office for Disability Services

The LMU Office for Disability Services (Beratungstelle für Studierende mit Behinderung und chronischer Erkrankung) facilitates equal access opportunities for disabled students. They assist you with all kinds of questions about studying at LMU with disabilities and chronic and mental diseases. Please feel free to email them or call +49 89 2180 5816.

The Office for Disability Services provides support on many issues related to everyday campus life. A team member might show you the way to a certain room or building so you can get familiar with the surroundings, or assist you by making literature accessible. The Office provides assistive technology that can be lent on a short-term basis. Different mobile hearing devices are available as well as video magnifiers and a notebook with enlarging and screen-reading software, combined with a 40-cell braille display. For more details, please get in touch with them.

A room especially for students with disabilities and chronic and mental diseases, called Ruhe- and Serviceraum, is located on the ground floor at Schellingstraße 3. Disabled students can rest, work, or take medication in this room. The room has Wi-Fi access and accommodates a recreation lounge, lockers, tea and coffee maker, refrigerator, couch, copy machine, and a computer workplace. Some of the staff members of the Office of Disability Services can be found here. In order to protect the room from misuse, its door has a code lock. Please request the code at the office.

Interessengemeinschaft behinderter und nicht behinderter Studierender (IBS)

Another service, organized by students, is the Interessengemeinschaft behinderter und nicht behinderter Studierender (IBS), a special interest group for handicapped and non-handicapped students. The group is part of a nationwide operating network.

It provides a platform for exchanging experiences and views about studying with a disability, with the goal to improve the situation of impaired students in everyday university life and to represent their interests to the university administration. Meetings are held twice a semester. In order to discuss issues on a more specific basis, additional peer groups have been established. At the moment, there are peer groups for students with hearing impairments, visual impairments, and chronic disease. The peer groups usually congregate shortly before or after the IBS meetings.

For more information about the IBS group or one of the peer groups, please email or call +49 89 2180 5816.