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Research opportunities for Chinese doctoral students

Doctoral studies for Chinese students are supported within two models:

  • Model 1: Scholarships for a doctoral project pursued only at LMU Munich
    Most of the doctoral studies at LMU Munich are conducted under the supervision of an individual professor and there is no compulsory curriculum. In addition to the individual doctoral supervision scheme, LMU offers a growing number of doctoral programs — there are currently 36 structured programs in a broad range of disciplines.
  • Model 2: Scholarships for a "Sandwich" Doctoral Program
    Within the "Sandwich" Model, the first year of the studies takes place at the home university. The doctoral students then complete one or two years of research at LMU and return to China to complete their doctoral program. The doctoral title is conferred by the Chinese university. This model is only possible in the individual supervision scheme.

As a precondition for the application students have to prove that they have been accepted for doctoral studies at LMU:

  • In the individual supervision scheme the acceptance letter is issued by the future supervisor.
  • In case of doctoral programs, the acceptance is issued by the program coordinator.

The acceptance letter, however, is only one element for admission to the CSC–LMU program. The first and most important step to begin doctoral studies at LMU is to match your research interests and capacities with the many opportunities LMU offers. There are different possibilities to do this other than directly contacting renowned researchers in the faculties and departments of LMU.

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