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Special features for LMU–CSC scholars

Once admitted and enrolled in the LMU–CSC program, students will benefit from a series of special features that not only ensure excellent research conditions, but also the achievement of important additional global competencies.

Those features are:

  • CSC full grant:
    CSC provides students with a comprehensive financial support that comprises travel expenses and a monthly stipend that allows students to concentrate completely on their research project for the duration of their stay in Munich.
    For more information see: China Scholarship Council.
  • Orientation program:
    During the first month (usually September) LMU offers a special orientation program for scholars of the LMU–CSC program which comprises the following features: Airport pick up service, practical assistance (e.g. opening a bank account, enrollment, registration with authorities), intercultural training, intensive language course, excursions.
  • Housing:
    LMU supports students with finding a place in our student residence for the first year of their stay or helps students to find appropriate private housing.
  • Tutoring–Poster Session:
    During the whole duration of their stay students are tutored both within and outside their research unit. On completion of two academic years CSC students present their research projects in the poster session, which is organized by the International Office of LMU. This helps students to monitor their individual research progress.

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