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EUGLOH – European University Alliance for Global Health


Together with the Universities of Paris-Saclay (France), Lund (Sweden), Porto (Portugal) and Szeged(Hungary), LMU has successfully applied for funding within the “European Universities Initiative”. During the coming three years, the “European University Alliance for Global Health” (EUGLOH) will develop interdisciplinary activities particularly in the area of education and training relating to the topic of global health. In interfaculty collaborations researchers and students will bring the new alliance to life. Each of the 17 networks selected for funding will receive up to 5 million euros from the EU during the 3-year pilot phase.

All of the partner universities involved have acknowledged strengths in fields such as biomedicine, the life sciences and social sciences. Taken together, they possess highly diversified scientific infrastructures and each has its own array of local and international collaborations. Not only are the five universities represented in the alliance located in different regions of the European Union, they largely complement each other in terms of their particular areas of expertise, and together, they cover a broad spectrum of disciplines that will contribute to the overarching theme of the alliance “Global Health”.

In the first round of the program the European Commission will provide a total of 85 million euros to the 17 selected European University Networks. LMU is the only Bavarian university to participate in one of the networks that were chosen for funding. From 2021 on, the “European Universities Initiative” will be expanded further as part of the new Erasmus program.


University Paris Saclay

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