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Funding Opportunities

Digital Collaboration Formats

Due to the ongoing travel restrictions it is possible organize innovative online collaboration formats with LMU-ChAN partner universities.
Professors/postdocs planning to organize a digital collaboration format: Please get in touch for further information with the LMU-ChAN Coordination Office.


The purpose of the research-focused meetings with participants from LMU and one or more LMU-ChAN partner universities is to develop joint research projects. These projects can last up to 14 days. Two workshops can be held per topic (one workshop in China and one in Munich).

Professors applying for funding of LMU-ChAN mini-workshops:
Please contact the LMU–ChAN Coordination Office.

Short-term Stays

Short-term stays are planned for specific bilateral projects, in particular those related to the establishment and administration of joint educational or research programs.

Professors / administrators planning a preparatory visit or an expert meeting at LMU or at one of the Chinese partner universities:
Please apply for compensation for travel expenses at the LMU-ChAN Coordination Office.

Longer Stays by University Personnel (Visiting Professorships)

Long-term stays include visiting professorships or research stays for professors and postdocs in both directions (Germany and China).

Professors / postdocs planning a visiting professorship or research stay at LMU or at one of the Chinese partner universities:
Please get in touch with the LMU-ChaN coordination office.

Research and Study Stays (student, doctoral and postdoctoral level)

Supporting the mobility of students and graduate students is an important component of the core partnerships. Scholarships can be used for participation in summer school or for student exchange between LMU and its Chinese partner universities for one to four semesters.

Chinese students / graduates applying for participation in summer school or study exchange at LMU will be selected by their home university.

LMU students / graduates applying for a summer school or exchange program at one of the Chinese partner universities:
Please submit your application to the LMUexchange Team.

Application Procedure and Requirements

If you are interested in one of the above-mentioned collaboration tools, please download and complete the following application document and submit it to the LMU–ChAN Coordination Office.

Application document: LMU-ChAN Förderantrag

Further Options for Collaboration & Exchange:

Scientific Forum

The annual academic symposium with plenary and workshop sessions is a core component of the establishment and expansion of LMU-ChAN. It focusses on academics, doctoral students, and young academics of LMU as well as all LMU-ChAN partnering universities. The symposium consists of lectures, panels and workshops with between 70 and 100 participants. Its locations alternate between Munich and the partnering universities.

The 1st Virtual Forum will take place on November 23-24, 2020

The 5th Scientific Forum will take place on July 9-11, 2021

For further information please get in touch with the LMU–ChAN Coordination Office.

Summer Schools

As a part of its Munich International Summer University (MISU), LMU already offers summer courses on European Studies and Art History for students of the LMU-ChAN partnership universities.

Students from Chinese Network Universities applying for participation in MISU courses:
Please apply directly to the respective German Language Course or Summer Academy. For a sponsored participation in MISU courses you have to be selected by your home university.

LMU students interested in summer courses at one of the Chinese partner universities:
Please get in touch with our LMUexchange Team.

LMU - Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) Program

The LMU-CSC-Program enables specially-qualified Chinese postgraduates to receive their doctoral degree or spend a doctoral research period at LMU. Since its inception in 2005, the LMU-CSC program prevails as a cornerstone of strategic collaboration between LMU and Chinese Institutes of Higher Education. With the establishment of its China Academic Network, LMU wants to attract even more doctoral students from its partner universities in order to promote research collaborations in a sustainable way.

For further information regarding the LMU-CSC program, please contact Dr. Dongmei Zhang (Ms.)

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