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Online Workshops

November 23, 2020 Online Workshops

Shapes of intelligence in Chinese Literature and Drama

DE 10:15/CN 17:15

Convener: Dr. LI Wanli, Peking University & Dr. Anna Stecher, LMU Munich & Dr. Winnie Yee, the University of Hong Kong (closed meeting)

We approach the topic of "intelligence" from the perspective of Chinese literature, theatre, and cinema. Some of the contributions deal with the representation of various forms of intelligence as expressed within a certain text. Others focus more on intellectual processes which shape the basis for producing or understanding a text.

This is a preparation meeting to the workshop at the Scientific Forum 2021 in Munich.

Photodynamic Therapy and Photomedicine

DE 10:15/CN 17:15

Convener: Prof. WANG Xiuli (Tongji University) & Prof. Ronald Sroka (LMU Hospital) & Prof. WANG Hongwei (Fudan University) (closed meeting)

The topic „Photodynamic Therapy and Photomedicine“ includes the interdisciplinary R&D efforts of up-to-date clinical strategies in this field of the two countries. Furthermore, sofar clinical „unmeet needs“ should be identified and potential „translational“ solutions should be presented / addressed / discussed. The aim is to bridge the gap from technical push of innovative light treatment modalities to medical pull of clinical relevant requests. This meeting is dedicated to exchange scientific reports plus discussion and coordination of intended cooperative scientific projects in this field.


DE 10:15/CN 17:15

Convener: Prof. LI Yuan (Zhejiang University) & Prof. Jörg Roche, LMU Munich (closed meeting)

The aim of the meeting is to continue current an ongoing collaboration project.

November 24, 2020 Online Workshops

Between Impact and Invention: Political Thought in the Early Phase of the Chinese Modernization Process

DE 9:00/CN 16:00

Convener: Prof. Karsten Fischer, LMU Munich & Prof. WEI Chen, Renmin University (closed meeting)

The aim of the project is to investigate the emergence and development of political thought in the early phase of Chinese modernization in the 19th century. Its diversity can be explained by the fact that China at that time had the problem of having to convert its very long history and tradition as an empire to a modern nation-state in the short term, without the existence of appropriate political structures. The models of a conservative, republican, liberal or Marxist state structure known from the West had all been known and received in China. The hypothesis is that the reception of Western political thought could only be acceptable and connectable because it showed agreement with autochthonous Chinese thought traditions. Insofar the project is aiming at a contribution of political theory to the understanding of the development of the Chinese state and contemporary Chinese politics, which can explain the interest in a connection of Marxist theory and Chinese tradition in the concept of a "socialism of Chinese coinage" as well as identify possible roots of Chinese liberality. In this way, the assumption of mere imitation of Western concepts is avoided, as is the cultural-relativist assertion of principle incompatibility of the various models of state and society.

This meeting is a preparation meeting to the workshop at the Scientific Forum 2021 in Munich.

The New Normal – A New Era of Global Engagement

DE 9:00/CN 16:00

Convener: Dr. Stefan Lauterbach (LMU Munich) Open to registration

The spread of Covid-19 in 2020 has challenged the international cooperation of universities all around the world and also the collaboration within the LMU-China Academic Network. While many exchanges, conferences, summer schools and visits had to be cancelled or postponed, there has been a strong rise of digital alternatives replacing physical formats with “virtual” mobility. In some cases, new promising instruments were created, in other cases no real alternatives could be developed. It is not very likely that the effects of the pandemic will just disappear in a while, so that we will have to adopt to “the new normal” in global cooperation. This workshop will explore the opportunities and challenges of these digital formats.

Open to administrative or academic members of ChAN universities who are in charge of internationalization. Please register here.


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