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Equality Measures & Family Service

LMU Family Service

LMU Munich wants to support its employees in making career and family compatible. Therefore, LMU is cooperating with „pme Familienservice GmbH“ (pme family service), a nationwide service provider operating within the field of child care. Qualified staff advise and assist in developing individual child care solutions. The University pays consultancy and agency fees; employees only have to bear the cost of the child-care option selected. Beginning with a counseling interview, this service helps parents devise a solution that is best suited to their own personal circumstances.

Dual Career Service 

The Dual Career Service provided by Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München  is designed to support the partners of professors and postdocs who intend to take up positions at the university in finding suitable career opportunities in Munich.

LMU Gateway

LMU Gateway assists new international academic staff and their families in all matters related to their relocation to Munich.

LMU Mentoring

LMU Mentoring provides career support for highly qualified early-career researchers, especially emerging female academics working toward a professorship. To this end, renowned and experienced professors act as mentors. On a one-to-one basis or in groups, the mentors function as role models, offering their mentees support in career planning and in creating their own academic profiles. Furthermore, mentees can draw on additional support ranging from the provision of funding for travel costs or the employment of research assistants to stipends for after-hours child care.