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Equal opportunity as the criterion for performance-based funding allocation

In performance-based funding allocation, the sum of almost 232,000 EUR is distributed among departmental budgets as proportional supplements awarded in accordance with the criterion of equal opportunity. The percentage allocated to a specific department is in direct proportion to the quota of qualified appointments out of all appointments to the department’s faculty over the last five years. The quota of qualified appointments is the proportion of women appointees among these appointments compared to the proportion of women appointees to all appointments throughout Germany made in the last five years in the group of subjects covered by the faculty in question.

If a faculty reports a proportion of women appointees which is 20 per cent higher than the average proportion of women among all appointees for the subjects in question, the principle of performance-based funding allocation is applied: all departments in the faculty receive supplementary funding amounting to 20 per cent more than the funding they would have received if the proportion of women appointees had been equal to the national average.

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