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New appointments to LMU

Prof. Dr. Matthias Echternach

previously , with effect from 04/08/2019 , , LMU Munich.

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Haltern

previously University of Freiburg, with effect from 09/27/2019 Chair of Public and European Law, Faculty of Law, LMU Munich.

Prof. Dr. Jovica Ninkovic

previously Faculty of Medicine, LMU Munich, with effect from 10/01/2019 Professor of Regeneration and Plasticity of the CNS.

Prof. Dr. Katja Bertsch

previously Heidelberg University, with effect from 10/01/2019 Professor of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, LMU Munich.

Prof. Dr. Kristin Weingart

previously University of Tübingen, with effect from 09/01/2019 Chair of Old Testament Studies I (History of Ancient Israel und Literary History of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible), Faculty of Protestant Theology, LMU Munich.