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Ensuring equality of opportunity between men and women at all levels of the career ladder is a central goal of LMU Munich. Equality and inclusion are therefore guiding principles of University governance.

As part of the implementation of LMUexcellent, the University Governing Board formally adopted an Equal Opportunities Concept which includes a comprehensive set of measures intended to ensure equality of opportunity. The University Governing Board and all Faculties have committed themselves to increasing the proportion of female appointees to professorships to at least 30%. This target could not only be reached, but exceeded in the past three years. Moreover, LMU has introduced the Adele Hartmann Program in order to raise its attractiveness for outstanding female W2 professors. Meanwhile, LMU has repeatedly been awarded the Total E-Quality Certificate in recognition of LMU’s successful efforts to provide equality of opportunity for women and for men.

The second major objective of the Equal Opportunities Concept is to assist female academics already on the University’s staff in the planning of their professional careers. In the context of the LMU Mentoring program, experienced and renowned scientists support promising junior academics who have set their sights on a professorship (at least 50% of a faculty's mentees are female). In order to help balance the demands of family and career, the LMU Family Service, in cooperation with the commercial child-care provider pme Familienservice, offers advice and assistance to all academic and non-academic staff members who seek individual child care solutions.

LMU has extended its Equal Opportunities Concept into the comprehensive concept “Equality and Inclusion”, which incorporates the principles of diversity, inclusion and family-friendly policies. In addition to gender it now takes into account other factors such as social and cultural background, physical abilities and parenthood. As a token of its commitment to this concept, LMU has signed the Charter of Diversity.

A central Unit for Diversity Management has been created, which supports this development.