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Academic Career Program

LMU’s Academic Career Program creates favorable conditions for research and further education for excellent junior researchers at all stages of their academic careers – from doctoral studies to professorship.

Doctoral Students

Doctoral Research Training supports events by and for doctoral students. Also, LMU awards completion grants for outstanding doctoral candidates finalizing their thesis. The various funding measures for doctoral students are administered by the Graduate Center, which functions as the central service and coordination division for doctoral programs. 


LMU Research Fellowships attract excellent junior academics from all over the world to LMU Munich.

The Junior Researchers in Residence program administered by the Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) makes it possible for junior members of the academic staff, and holders of externally funded postdoctoral fellowships, to spend a sabbatical at the Center for Advanced Studies in order to focus on their research for one semester.

Tenure Track Model

LMU was one of the first universities in Germany to create its own Tenure Track Model over ten years ago.


Targeted counseling services and other support services in the area of academic career development are available at the Young Center of the Center for Advanced Studies (CAS), the Center for Leadership and People Management and the Division Strategy, Research, Junior Academics.