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Junior Academics

LMU places particular emphasis on providing a comprehensive support system for the promotion of junior academics, adapted to their individual needs.

LMU’s Academic Career Program creates favorable conditions for research and further education for excellent junior academics at all stages of their academic careers – from doctoral studies to professorship.

The Program is supplemented by the services offered by the CAS Young Center, the Graduate Center and the LMU Mentoring scheme.

Early-career researchers at LMU can benefit from two funding schemes set up within the framework of LMUexcellent: the Investment Fund and the Junior Researcher Fund. The primary focus is on seed funding for the procurement of external funding that will allow academics to pursue innovative research ideas and establish new research fields. In addition, the provision of Travel Grants for postdocs supports their academic networking by funding the participation in international conferences. All early-career researchers of LMU are invited to submit proposals to the relevant funding schemes. Application forms are available for download here.