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LMU Munich offers all its students the chance to cultivate their individual talents, thus providing a foundation for their further personal and professional development. For LMU, the primary objective of first-class academic teaching is to foster scientifically grounded critical thinking based on excellent research.

Good university teaching is always linked to research and therefore based on research. It provides students with the current state of knowledge and, by presenting them with research issues, puts them in a position in which they must critically engage with the existing state of knowledge. In addition, however, teaching at LMU Munich is marked by the fact that it is research-oriented. Young people are stimulated to take an interest in research at an early stage, and inspired to conduct research of their own. This serves as a foundation for an academic career as a profession or for academic employment as one stage in their professional development. In order to accomplish this, LMU’s teaching staff are highly qualified individuals, who possess a thorough knowledge of their respective subject area, and are equipped with the didactic skills necessary to impart this to their students.

The aim of its concept of Research-Oriented Teaching, therefore, is to implement an early form of promoting junior academics, a kind of seed teaching. With this objective in mind, LMU seeks to consistently increase the research-orientation of its teaching programs. In order to realize this goal, LMU utilizes the program Lehre@LMU for which the University has received funding amounting to some 46 million euros as part of the “Quality Pact for Teaching”, an initiative which is financed by the German Federal and State Governments.