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Researching Artificial Intelligence at LMU


Exploring the frontiers of knowledge

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Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) open up new perspectives for science. As a central hub for highly innovative research in Europe, LMU Munich plays a key role in probing both the potential of AI and confronting the challenges it presents. LMU fosters excellent basic research across its entire academic spectrum. From the humanities and social sciences to natural sciences and medicine, LMU’s world-class scientists employ a comprehensive approach to explore the applications and implications of AI across the University’s 18 faculties and with their partners on site and around the globe. For example:

  • LMU’s computer scientists have been developing application-oriented machine-learning algorithms for use complex contexts in e.g. medical diagnostics, autonomous driving and climate modelling.
  • LMU’s medical scientists translate medical knowledge and large amounts of patient data into clinical medicine, e.g. by developing AI-supported medical imaging.
  • LMU’s computer linguists investigate automated language processing technologies at the interface between neuro- and sociolinguistics to enhance the natural interaction between humans and machines.

In total, over 50 internationally renowned LMU researchers are already working on or with AI methodologies and their application to fields ranging from the cvilizations of the ancient world to the origins of the universe. In fact, this is just the beginning: Over the coming years, LMU will continue to expand its role as a key player in AI innovation and create numerous attractive positions for outstanding AI experts on all levels.


seidl_260_web„We have a rich scientific environment at LMU with so many top-notch collaboration opportunities. With our research activities at the Munich Center for Machine Learning we advance fundamental methods to support data science, data mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence in these domains.“

Prof. Dr. Thomas Seidl, Chair of Database Systems and Data Mining, Director of the Munich Center for Machine Learning (MCML)


gesichtserkennung_260_webEssential aides
LMU is well placed in the field of KI

This year AI is a primary focus of science funding. LMU faculties are well placed in the field, with an onboard assistant for astronauts, and systems that detect credit-card fraud and mitigate depression under development. mehr


Roboter im Hörsaal__260_webLMU specialists share their views
How smart will AI get?

Robots that talk, write news reports and novels, algorithms that select personnel. How will machine learning change our world? – And what can it not do? We asked specialists in various disciplines for their views. Here are their responses. mehr


The impact of AI at LMU

      New possibilities across all faculties - from medical diagnostics to astrophysics to ancient languages - some best cases:


jimenez_260_web„Artificial intelligence is proving a powerful ally in our efforts to reconstruct the immense, fragmented mosaic of the ancient world – conditions at LMU are uniquely conducive to such an approach.“

Prof. Dr. Enrique Jiménez, Chair of Ancient Oriental Languages, Sofia Kovalevskaya Award Winner


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