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High Tech Campus

Current scientific research is blurring the traditional borders between the disciplines. Innovation and growth tends to be generated at the interface of academic fields. The HighTech Campus of LMU Munich in Planegg-Martinsried/Munich Großhadern stands for networked research of the highest quality in medical-scientific disciplines at LMU Munich. Unique in Europe, this complex has expanded into a 100 hectare (247 acre) site in the south-west of Munich and promises to develop even further in the years to come. It facilitates top interdisciplinary research in the direct vicinity of the Max Planck Institutes for Biochemistry and Neurobiology as well as to the HelmholtzZentrum. Currently the Faculty of Medicine and the University of Munich Hospital in Großhadern, the Faculties of Chemistry and Pharmacology, the Gene Center in addition to the Faculty of Biology with the Departments of Biology I and Biology II are located at the High Tech Campus. A central structure with a cafeteria, a childcare center and administration, which was inaugurated and began operating in 2009, rounds off the infrastructure at the High Tech Campus. It is also planned to establish large sections of the Faculty of Physics on the campus. A Biomedical Center, combining medical basic research and clinical research, is also on the agenda for the High Tech Campus. This Biomedical Center is designed to unite competences in the field of molecular medicine. This merger of know-how from various scientific fields also favors and supports the translation of findings from basic research to their practical application. The Founder Center IZB and BioM AG, both located on the campus, provide the platform necessary for efficient technological transfer.

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