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Multimedia Language Laboratory

The Multimedia Language Laboratory (Sprachenzentrum) provides a total of 38 workstations for students to improve their foreign language skills using modern language software flexibly and autonomously under the guidance of a tutor. User passes are available free of charge during independent study periods. A previous appointment is not necessary. Detailed information about the languages offered is available on the MML website.

The MLL is also available for classroom teaching: The computer workstations are linked up in a learning network that allows instructors to teach classes with a wide variety of multimedia applications. They can integrate not only authentic texts and pictures but also digital sound documents, films, and particularly the Internet into their multimedia instruction. Registration for MLL language courses takes place at normal registration times for foreign language classes. Terms and conditions of participation are also published on the MLL website.


Multimedia Language Laboratory

Multimedia Language Laboratory (MML)
Schellingstraße 3, Room 420a
80799 Munich

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