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Munich Center for Neurosciences – Brain and Mind (MCN)

The Munich Center for Neurosciences – Brain and Mind seeks to connect highly specialized areas across all neuroscientific disciplines. The Center is funded by LMUinnovativ, an internal funding program fostering the university’s outstanding core research areas. LMU Munich is represented at the Center by the Faculties of Biology, Medicine and Philosophy as well as Psychology and Educational Sciences. Other partners in Munich include the Technical University Munich, the Helmholtz Institutes for Stem Cell Research and Developmental Genetics and the Max-Planck-Institutes for Neurobiology, Ornithology and Psychiatry. In order to strengthen neuroscientific core competences in Munich three professorial chairs in Computational Neuroscience, Functional Imaging of Cognitive Systems, and Neurophilosophy were created and directly linked to the Center. In addition to establishing these chairs, the Center’s main objectives include creating a network of neuroscientific groups working in the Munich area, and promoting national as well as international collaborations in the fields of “neurobiology”, “cognition”, and “brain and mind”. The development of new research projects and coordination of joint funding initiatives is facilitated at the intersection of various scientific fields, e.g. biology, medicine, engineering and philosophy. The Center also aims to design and implement corresponding integrated training programs for junior scientists, for instance within the framework of the Graduate School of Systemic Neurosciences (GSN-LMU; see p. 74). International teaching staff and visiting professors support an inspiring learning and research environment, spawning several excellent lecture series in the vicinity of the MCN. The Center’s international visibility is used to attract cutting-edge research personnel and multinational funds.


Munich Center for Neurosciences – Brain and Mind (MCN)

Munich Center for Neurosciences – Brain and Mind
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