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Choosing Courses

The complete course catalogue is available here.  

Courses for the summer semester are online from the end of February.
The course catalogue for the winter semester is available from the end of July/ beginning of August.

Among the downloads below you will find instructions on how to use the course catalogue and lists of courses taught in English for the current and previous semester.  

If you have to compete your learning agreement before these dates we advise you to select courses from previous semesters. Rather than choosing a specific course like “The works of Berthold Brecht”, choose broad types of courses like “20th Century German Literature” as different topics may be dealt with each semester. You can always make changes to your learning agreement after you have arrived at LMU and have signed up for courses.

 The LMU academic calendar might be helpful.

Note that ECTS points are not listed in the course catalogue. You will find ECTS information on the faculty/department websites or you can ask the departmental exchange student coordinator.

There are different ways of enrolling for classes (i.e. emailing the lecturer, personally visiting them in their office hours, online enrollment). It is therefore important that you read the information on the relevant faculty websites or get in contact with your departmental coordinator to find out about enrollment procedures.

Some departments provide specific information for exchange students:


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