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LMU holds a Conference at the University of Chicago

Munich, 11/14/2008

LMU Munich and Freie Universität (FU) Berlin hold a conference on “Race, Ethnicity and Religion – a Transatlantic Perspective on Civil Society” in cooperation with the University of Chicago (UofC) on November 14 and 15. The conference, which takes place at the Franke Institute for the Humanities at UofC, focuses on the relationship between minorities in civil society. It will bring together leading scholars from LMU, such as theologian Friedrich Wilhelm Graf, historian Martin Schulze Wessel and Berndt Ostendorf, an expert in American Cultural History, as well as renowned academics from FU Berlin, as for example historian Paul Nolte and Islamic Studies expert Gudrun Krämer, with colleagues from the University of Chicago, e.g. German historian Michael Geyer, American historian Kathleen Conzen and Jewish historian Paul Mendes-Flohr.   The experts will critically explore how the US and Europe have approached questions of tolerance, inclusion and exclusion of groups of different ethnic and religious backgrounds. They will also examine the ways in which these civil societies have been influenced in this endeavor by their typical “American” or “European” traditions, value systems and histories. The conference has been organized by the German University Alliance, the joint office of LMU Munich and FU Berlin in New York.

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