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DAAD prize awarded to student from Israel

Munich, 12/01/2008

Hussam Nassar from Israel has been awarded the German academic exchange service (DAAD) prize for distinguished scholarly achievements and committed involvement in university politics. The 24-year-old Palestinian and citizen of Israel is in the 9th study term and 5th clinical term of medical studies at LMU. Since April 2007 he has been working on the experimental part of his dissertation at the Großhadern site of the Institute for Clinical Chemistry’s university medical centre. His supervisor, Professor Bernd Engelmann, emphasises his superb experimental and research achievements and attests to his high level of academic ability.

Nassar’s equally prize-worthy social commitment is focused primarily on efforts to bring together people of very varied interests and backgrounds. The 24-year-old organises social events and gives well-attended presentations on the situation in the Near East. His talks are so popular because, as a Christian Palestinian, he “falls between two stools” as it were. Muslim Palestinians regard him as an Israeli, whereas the Jewish-Israeli majority consider him a Palestinian. For this reason Hussam Nassar sees himself above all as a mediator between different cultures and religions. Furthermore, he is a student representative in his halls of residence and regards himself as contact person for any disputes or concerns involving his fellow residents. His ability to bring very different kinds of people together is also something he makes use of when organising sports events, chiefly football and table-tennis tournaments.

The DAAD prize for academic and social commitment is worth 1,000 euros, and is awarded annually.

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