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LMU continues to target research excellence in its investment policies

Munich, 05/19/2008

LMU Munich primarily uses funds from the Excellence Initiative to optimize conditions for top-level research. For the second time, academics from all fields were invited to submit applications presenting their most innovative research projects and ideas. Including the 51 new projects accepted, a total of 106 research projects will receive funding.

Within the scope of its institutional strategy LMUexcellent, LMU Munich will have supported a total of 19 research and ten guest professorships by the year 2011, enabling distinguished academics from German and international institutions to dedicate themselves wholly to research for a period of up to five years, as well as seven shorter visiting fellowships. In addition, 48 projects will be promoted by the Investment Fund targeted at enhancing research infrastructure at LMU Munich, while 22 research projects receive support from the High Potential Fund to realize innovative ideas.

The projects accepted range from literature and linguistics to economics and physics, reflecting the profile of LMU Munich as an authentic “universitas” offering an extensive spectrum of academic disciplines.

For the second time, the University Governing Board has approved funding within LMUexcellent for exceptionally innovative research projects from all disciplines. Academics from all faculties were invited to submit research applications for the different funding measures defined within LMUexcellent. A quality-based shortlist of applications was drawn up at faculty level before the selected applications were passed to the University Governing Board. The project outlines were then examined by the University Research Board, composed of high-ranking academics from LMU Munich together with European experts in an array of academic fields.

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