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LMU Munich President Huber is new Chairman of LERU

Munich, 05/19/2008

The LERU network aims to strengthen its influence in structuring the European Higher Education and Research Area to offer universities the optimum environment for outstanding research and teaching. A key goal of LERU involves intensive promotion of the strengths of basic research at European level; in this context, LERU has emphatically supported the foundation of the European Research Council in recent years.

In his capacity as Chairman of LERU, Huber plans to establish closer contacts to decision-makers in national and European politics and to expand exchange with other universities. Here, a key focus is to provide support for Eastern European institutions of higher education in their development from outstanding national institutions to globally recognized centers of excellence. 

In the six years of its existence, LERU has already developed into a sought-after panel of experts and a powerful lobby for the interests of European higher education and research. For this reason, LERU is also an integral element of LMU Munich’s international strategy. In addition to key cooperation projects with globally leading universities in North America and Asia, plans provide for further intensification of European partnerships with the prestigious LERU universities in order to strengthen LMU Munich’s international position.


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