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PhD program “Literature” launches international summer school series

Munich, 08/04/2008

Which aesthetic strategies does literature employ in order to resist? What does it mean when a text explicitly “takes a stand“, and how does it therefore always evoke a certain context that has to be considered in an interpretation? To what extent does a text really have the power to challenge reality?

These are just some examples of the manifold questions that will be discussed at the Summer School of the PhD Program “Literature” under the title of “Resisting Texts 1900-2008”. In the next two weeks 16 doctoral students and post-docs from LMU Munich and all over the world will probe the resistance potential of artistic texts. The four topic sections will explore the relationship of factual to fictional genres and the way in which works of art that appropriate and/or subvert signs from commercial contexts such as advertising activate fictional potential. Another focus will be on the representation and performance of time in and through texts and the reaction of the “world” to resisting texts, in the forms of legal discourse, judicial judgement and censorship.

While university teachers from both LMU Munich and its partner universities will provide some initial input, the summer school will focus on the collaborative work and individual reflection of the students themselves.

The summer school will start a series of three international summer schools hosted by the PhD Program “Literature” over the next three years, on the topic of “Fiction and Reality. Exploring Positions in a Complex Relationship”.


More information on the Summer School is available at


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