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G8 University Summit on Sustainability in Japan

Munich, 06/30/2008

One week before the summit conference of the heads of state and government of the G8 countries, presidents of globally leading research universities assembled for a three-day “G8 University Summit“ in Sapporo (Japan). The aim of the University Summit was to pool the expertise of the world’s leading universities on themes of economic, environmental and societal sustainability, to generate a fruitful basis for political discussion. LMU Munich President Bernd Huber was invited to the conference as one of two representatives of German academia.

In a series of meetings, best practice examples from sustainability research were presented and discussed. Here, the profile of LMU Munich as a “universitas” with a strong focus on research in a broad, varied range of subjects came to the fore. At LMU Munich, academics from an array of disciplines address various aspects of sustainability; in addition, four years ago LMU Munich already designated environmentally oriented action as a primary goal of the University and passed a catalog of environmental guiding principles. LMU Munich has also successfully participated in the environmental protection project “Ökoprofit“ since 2003, the first German university to do so. The university’s goal is to conserve resources while simultaneously saving costs. 

In addition to universities from industrialized nations, universities from emerging countries are also represented at the University Summit. The conference is aimed at establishing a global network of universities serving as a forum for the exchange of ideas on issues of academic import and university policy. Close collaboration between the participating universities will help to create optimum global framework conditions for education and research, especially in disciplines related to the topic of sustainability.

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