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The governance structures in North America

Stephen Clarkson gives lecture at CAS

Munich, 06/16/2009

Stephen Clarkson, professor of political economy at the University of Toronto, will give a lecture on June 18, 2009, at 6:15 pm at the Center for Advanced Studies (CAS-LMU) on the topic "The Governance of North America". In his lecture, Clarkson, who is among the most well-known political scientists in Canada, will delineate the complex cross-border governance configurations between the United States, Canada and Mexico that created the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1994. Clarkson will consider whether the many observers' predictions that a process of regional integration similar to that in Europe could develop on the North American continent have since proven correct. In addition to the general effects of the free trade agreement, the governance researcher will analyze the diverse economic links between the countries involved and describe their cooperation in the field of security policy in particular.

The lecture will occur in cooperation with the Munich Center on Governance, Communication, Public Policy and Law (MCG) as part of the new lecture series "CAS Publicum". With this lecture series, which also appeals to the non-university public, CAS offers top scientists at LMU and fellows from abroad a forum for the discussion of current scientific, commercial and political issues. Participation in this event is open to anyone who is interested, but only on request, because seating is limited.

As a fellow, Stephen Clarkson is a guest of the CAS. The invitation was extended by Professor Edgar Grande, Professor of Comparative Political Science at LMU and spokesperson for the MCG. Both political scientists want to review collaboration options in the context of a research project on the topic "Constructing (or Constraining) US Power" initiated by Professor Clarkson.

Additional information and registration for the lecture:
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