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New open-access journal for Art History

Munich, 03/27/2009

The new e-journal “Kunstgeschichte. Open Peer Reviewed Journal” was featured at the 30th Art History Convention in Marburg. Since the beginning of the year, authors have been able to submit their papers to the expert community in this new online journal. The journal is a cross-epoch, international scholarly journal that works on the basis of public peer review: submitted papers will be open to commenting and assessment by registered peers for a period of six months, instead of being assessed by internal experts before publication, as is typically the case with printed journals. Besides publishing new research results representing the entire spectrum of subjects and diversity of methods applied in art history, the magazine also lends a new voice to elder scholarly literature, as well as offering a platform for discussing the future development of the discipline. The site can be viewed in English and German, where the papers themselves can be published in English, German, French or Italian.

“This innovative form of publication allows a multi-voiced assessment of research results, and gets a community actively involved that has so far had to take a more passive approach,“ says the man responsible for the project, Professor Hubertus Kohle, Professor of Mediaeval and Modern Art History at LMU Munich. Specifically, this means that articles are first put up as “Discussion Papers” for a period of six months. Comments, criticism and amendments to these will be submitted as direct links to the respective article, and will even be furnished with a seperate URL so that they can be cited in their own right. Only after this period will the articles be published as permanent “Journal Articles” along with all associated comments that may have accumulated.

More information:

Dr. Andrea Lermer
Institute of Art History of LMU Munich
Editorial Office KUNSTGESCHICHTE. Open Peer Reviewed Journal
Zentnerstraße 31
D-80798 Munich
Tel: ++49 (0) 2180-3243

Responsible for content: Communications & Media Relations