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LMU welcomes Research Fellows

Munich, 02/09/2010

A group of young scientists drawn from all over the world have been welcomed as new members of the Young Center at the Center for Advanced Studies (CAS). The group is made up of those aspirants whose applications for one of the sought-after International Research Fellowships offered by LMU in 2009 were ultimately accepted, and who have started working on their research projects at LMU in the past few months. These fellowships will enable 21 gifted post-doctoral researchers from various countries, who represent a wide range of subject areas, to work here for a period of 2 years in the first instance. The scheme forms part of the “Academic Career Program”, an initiative which was developed in the context of the LMUexcellent strategy with the aim of providing optimal conditions for career development to outstanding junior scientists. It is expected that the Research Fellows will generate valuable new impulses for the research enterprise at LMU. In the context of the program, the new Fellows will be able to build up long-term collaborations and contacts that will also serve to extend the LMU’s network of scientific contacts and enhance the international visibility of the institution.

The Research Fellowships are financed from the funds made available for the realization of the LMUexcellent strategy, and they cover both equipment and travel costs, among other things. In effect, the program allows junior researchers to pursue their own scientific interests from an early stage in their careers, without having to compete for grants from external agencies. A so-called Supporting Professor is assigned to each Fellow for the duration of her stay at LMU. This person provides scientific expertise and advice, and helps the Fellow to integrate into his host faculty. Fellows can also participate in the teaching program of their faculty and may offer courses of their own design, if they so wish. In addition, the Young Center at the CAS facilitates interdisciplinary networking between Research Fellows, and offers them a wide range of useful services. These include the infrastructure for the organization of scientific events, participation in Workshops and Summer Schools and the handling of administrative matters. The Young Center also gives Research Fellows excellent opportunities to form working partnerships with other talented LMU researchers, as it also counts holders of other prestigious awards among its members. In addition, as members of the CAS, Fellows can participate in a diverse calendar of events, allowing them to engage in scientific discussions and exchange ideas with experienced scholars, and helping them to further develop their careers by stimulating new approaches to their own research.

The first group of Fellows – from Europe, the USA, Israel and Australia – took up their research projects at LMU last autumn. Two-thirds of them work in the humanities and social sciences. After two years, the research performed by the Fellows is subjected to expert evaluation. If the outcome of this assessment is positive, Fellowships may be extended for a further two years.

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