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New appointments

Munich, 09/09/2010

Frick, Eckhard
Munich School of Philosophy, Spiritual Care, Faculty of Medicine, effective 10 June 2010 (W2 Professor, new post)

Kreuter, Frauke
University of Maryland (USA), Statistics with a focus on Social Surveys and Labor Market Research,  Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics, effective 1 July 2010 (W2 Professor, new post)

Lauber, Kirsten
Internal appoinment, Molecular Oncology with a focus on Radiation Oncology, Faculty of Medicine, effective 1 July 2010 (W2 Professor, new post)

Marinescu, Adrian-Constantin
Internal appointment, Orthodox Theology, Liturgics and Patrology with a focus on Ancient Church History, Faculty of Catholic Theology, effective 1 July 2010 (W2 Professor, in succession to Prof. Dr. Vladimir Ivanov)

Roser, Traugott
Faculty of Protestant Theology, Spiritual Care, effective 10 June 2010, Faculty of Medicine, (W2 Professor, new post)

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