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LMU optimizes Podcast Portal on iTunes U

Munich, 04/12/2011

Some two years after LMU on iTunes U went online, LMU has reconfigured its podcast portal in the Apple iTunes Store to make it more user-friendly. The new design makes it even easier for users to find the information they need, and new applications simplify podcast management and forwarding. Since its inception, the Podcast Portal has posted audio and video files, as well as digital print publications, dealing with research, teaching programs and topics of general interest to students and staff at LMU. The site has recorded more than 10 million downloads. This figure not only underlines the popularity of its multimedia content, it also means that LMU is one of the most successful providers among the European universities that contribute content to iTunes University.

The newly designed homepage of LMU on iTunes U gives users a clearly arranged guide to the up-to-date and stimulating content on offer.  Click the Features button for information on the latest podcasts, or choose Spotlight to access content which focuses on this month’s special subject. The button Über die LMU takes you to important information concerning University affairs. In order to keep everything simple, only three podcasts are listed under each of these links. All other content can be accessed by clicking Kategorien in the navigation bar on the right. These categories are arranged by subject matter. The links lead you to compilations of digital material relating to particular subject areas, such as economics and history. Users who are familiar with the earlier classification (Über die LMU, Studium, Forschung and Kongresse & Events) will also find these links via the navigation bar on the right by clicking Themen. In addition, each individual file is linked to thematically related podcasts.

As before LMU makes all content available free of charge and in various formats adapted for multiple applications. A quick glance at the podcast icon informs the user whether a file is a high-resolution (HD) or standard resolution (SD) video file, an audio file or a PDF document. And it only takes a click to send content via Twitter or post files on Facebook.

About LMU on iTunes U
LMU‘s Podcast-Portal, which went online in 2009, is your gateway to podcasts, video clips and digital print files devoted to research and academic programs, as well as topics of more general interest to students and staff. Every file can be downloaded onto any computer or portable audiovisual device free of charge. Currently almost 18,000 digital files are available, ranging from recorded lectures and instructional films to complete doctoral theses and ScienceCasts, i.e. short videos in which LMU researchers present their fascinating latest projects.

For further information on the project and details of the link to LMU‘s Podcast Portal on iTunes U, go to:

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