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A Decade of Exchange with Cambridge University

Munich, 12/12/2011

The Exchange Program between the Institute of Classical Archaeology at LMU and the Faculty of Classics at Cambridge University celebrated its 10th anniversary on 9. December. To mark the occasion, LMU President Bernd Huber was on hand to meet the program’s organizers, the latest party of 18 students from Cambridge, and their exchange partners. The arrangement with LMU’s Institute of Classical Archaeology is the only such agreement that the Faculty of Classics at Cambridge has yet concluded with another institution. This underlines the significance of the Exchange Program, which enables participants to attend ongoing courses and lectures, but also offers its guests a diverse range of other activities.

The exchange students spend a week at the partner university, but this is more than just a practice session for spending a complete semester abroad. The idea is that, while getting to know the everyday routines and attending lectures at the host institution, students have an opportunity to broaden their intellectual horizons by adding an international dimension. The conventions of different national academic traditions can be called into question, thus stimulating a taste for international cooperation and communication. Museum tours and talks given by the students themselves complement the formal segment of the program.

To ensure that the visitors get a real taste of student life, they also exchange residences with their counterparts. Apart from insights into scholastical matters, a varied program of social activities is on offer, which the students design themselves. A trip to Salzburg is planned, but the highlight of the week in Munich is an elephant ride “in the manner of Hannibal” along the banks of the Isar. The social program that awaits the students who visit Cambridge in March includes boating on the Cam and a day-trip to London.

The initiator and principal organizer of the program is Professor Rolf Schneider of the Institute of Classical Archaeology at LMU.  Schneider was a member of the Classics Faculty in Cambridge from 1998 until 2001, when he moved to LMU. He is obviously pleased with the progress of the program, which he modestly regards “quite a success story.” His hope for the future is that “it will retain its liveliness and capacity to surprise everyone.”

More information about the Exchange Program on the website of the Institute of Classical Archaeology at LMU.

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