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International Conference on Animal Phylogeny

Munich, 10/07/2011

The earliest phases of animal evolution will be the focal point of “Deep Metazoan Phylogeny 2011 – new data, new challenges”, an international conference which will be held at the Museum of Paleontology in Munich between 11. and 14. October. The meeting will be attended by experts from various disciplines, who share a common goal – to elucidate the course of animal evolution and uncover the relationships between the earliest branches of the animal phylogeny.

In order to trace the pattern of divergence between the evolutionarily most ancient animal groups, the researchers must look back more than 400 million years. Their immediate aim is to improve our understanding of the evolutionary history of life on Earth.

During the conference, the participants will present their latest results and methodological advances, and discuss the challenges presented by the need to resolve discrepancies between phylogenetic trees reconstructed on the basis of molecular and morphological data.

The conference is being organized by the LMU in cooperation with the DFG Priority Program on Deep Metazoan Phylogeny.

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