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“Exile Networks”

The associations formed by émigré artists after 1933

Munich, 12/14/2011

Large numbers of visual artists were forced to emigrate from Germany in the years from 1933 on, and had to find ways of re-establishing their professional careers in unfamiliar environments. In many cases this goal could be realized only in close artistic, organizational and sometimes political cooperation with other émigrés, clients and patrons. Professor Burcu Dogramaci and Dr. Karin Wimmer of the Institute of Art History at LMU Munich have now produced a volume entitled “Netzwerke des Exils” (“Exile Networks”), which dissects the web of artistic influences mediated by these support groups, and discusses the roles of such networks of interaction and patronage in the careers of exiled artists.

“Researchers have so far paid little attention to these networks,” says Dogramaci. “And yet, it is not surprising that the working relationships and personal friendships that artists had entered into during the lifetime of the Weimar Republic should have remained significant for them after they emigrated. For instance, the correspondence with clients, collectors and sponsors that survives also testifies to the efforts they made to maintain these links in exile.”

The bilingual publication deals with communities of post-1933 émigrés in all parts of the world, and considers disciplines including painting, architecture, urban planning, photography, graphic design, sculpture, and diverse intersections between them. “The essays contain important insights, the book also brings together contributions from researchers who are working on aspects of exile during the Nazi era at institutions all over the world,” says Wimmer. “It is our hope that marks the initiation of an international research network for exile studies.” (suwe)

Netzwerke des Exils. Künstlerische Verflechtungen, Austausch und Patronage nach 1933
Burcu Dogramaci, Karin Wimmer (Eds.)
Gebrüder Mann Verlag Berlin, November 2011
ISBN: 978-3786126584

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