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Fragile Earth

A Conference on Geological Processes, Natural Disasters and Resources

Munich, 08/25/2011

The overall significance of the Geosciences as a scientific discipline is set to increase further in the 21st century. On the one hand, geological processes underlie many natural disasters, such as earthquakes and tsunamis. On the other, the continuing growth of the world’s population further increases our dependence on energy sources such as oil and geothermic energy. A better understanding of geological process is a prerequisite not only for the minimization of risk and mitigation of the damage caused by natural disasters, but also for the discovery and responsible utilization of natural resources.

At an international conference on the Fragile Earth that will be held from 4. – 7. September, renowned international experts will present new studies that cover the whole spectrum of research in the geosciences – and deal with processes that act at global, regional and local scales. Their work promises to throw new light on geological threats and risks, as well as geological resources. In light of the catastrophic earthquake that occurred in Japan in March of this year, a special interdisciplinary session at the conference will be devoted to recent mega-earthquakes and the tsunamis they have caused.

The Conference Fragile Earth is organized by the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at LMU Munich, and is being held jointly by the German Geological Association, the German Society for Geosciences and the Geological Society of America. (göd)

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