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LMU remains the German university with most ERC grants

Munich, 02/03/2012

In the latest round of ERC grant awards announced by the European Research Council (ERC) LMU has upheld its remarkable record. Proposals submitted by no less than six LMU researchers were selected for funding. Four of the LMU applicants have been awarded Advanced Investigator Grants, the other two will receive Starting Grants. Each of the grants is worth more than 1 million euros. Since the scheme was initiated in 2007, LMU staff members have obtained 23 of the sought-after ERC grants, making LMU the most successful German participant in the highly competitive program.

ERC grants are designed to enable outstanding independent researchers to carry out innovative and high-risk projects that are of potentially ground-breaking character. Advanced Investigator Grants are intended for established investigators. Starting Grants are designed for younger scientists, and candidates may apply 2-12 years after obtaining a doctoral degree. In the latest round of the scheme, the ERC funded 294 Advanced Grants with a total value of 660 million euros and 480 Starting Grants accounting for a total of 670 million euros.


The following LMU staff members were among the researchers funded by the ERC in 2011:

Advanced Grants:

  • Prof. Dr. Jonathan Harrington (2011)
    Faculty of Languages and Literatures
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Becker (2011)
    Faculty of Medicine
  • Prof. Dr. Roland Beckmann (2011)
    Faculty of Biology
  • Prof. Dr. Hermann Gaub (2011)
    Faculty of Physics

Starting Grants:

  • Prof. Dr. Achim Hartschuh (2011)
    Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy
  • Dr. Marianne Pouplier (2011)
    Faculty of Languages and Literatures


For a complete list of the LMU researchers who have received ERC grants to date, see:


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