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The history of humanitarian interventions

Munich, 10/23/2012

The ongoing crisis in Syria, NATO‘s air strikes in Libya and other current cases indicate that humanitarian interventions have become an integral part of foreign policy on the world stage, despite the fact that their legitimacy may be disputed in any given instance. Hitherto most of the research done on the phenomenon has concentrated on interventions undertaken during the 20th and 21st centuries.

At a conference to be held at the Historisches Kolleg in Munich on 25 - 27 October, experts in relevant fields will illuminate the origins and history of the concept of humanitarian intervention from an interdisciplinary perspective.

The lectures and discussions will also consider contemporary examples, but the conference will focus on developments during the 19th century. Its aim is to uncover the historical roots of the concept and compare its practical effects in different contexts over the past two centuries. A podium discussion, which is open to the public, will debate the question whether or not force should be used in defence of human rights.

The conference language is English.

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