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New mentoring scheme

Advanced students give juniors a leg up

Munich, 09/24/2012

“Don’t jump in at the deep end” is the motto of the new Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program at LMU. The initiative is part of the Lehre@LMU scheme, and is designed for all first-year students and for transition students who are moving from Bachelor’s to Master’s courses.


The idea is to pair each junior student with a more advanced student of the same subject who already knows the ropes. Each mentor looks after two mentees, who can draw on their mentor’s experiences to make the most of the early phases of their own university careers.

Both sides benefit
The program thus helps first-year students to find their feet faster in an unfamiliar environment, but mentors also profit. By taking part in workshops, they can improve their organizational and advisory skills, and receive professional training for their mentoring role from the LMU Center for Leadership and People Management.

If you are interested in the program, registration for the Winter Semester 2012/2013 is open until 29. September. You can also attend a Briefing on the P2P Mentoring Program, which will take place on Wednesday, 26. September.


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