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Lecture by Henry F. Schaefer

The Big Bang and Religion

Munich, 06/13/2013

Henry F. Schaefer, one of the world’s leading quantum chemists and one of the most highly cited chemists worldwide, will give a lecture on June 18 2013, at the Grosse Aula (Room E 120) in the Main University Building at LMU Munich. In his talk, Schaefer will outline his personal perspective on the ongoing and lively dialogue between science and religion. What can science contribute to debates on the ultimate questions in philosophy? What is life? Does the Universe have a deeper meaning? Does God exist?

Honored with the Humboldt Research Award, Schaefer is currently carrying out a research project at LMU’s Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy. He is collaborating with Professor Christian Ochsenfeld’s research group on the design and implementation of quantum chemical methods for the study of complex molecular systems. Professor Schaefer is a computational and theoretical chemist, and is Director of the Center for Computational Chemistry at the University of Georgia, USA.


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