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CAS Lecture Series

Children in Focus

Munich, 04/24/2013

LMU‘s Center for Advanced Studies continues its series of lectures on the general theme “Konzept Pädiatrie”, which is devoted to children and childhood.

This semester’s lecture series at CAS focuses on children and childhood, as seen from the standpoint of a variety of academic disciplines. On 24. April 2013, the speaker will be Paula S. Fass, Professor of History at the University of California in Berkeley. The title of her talk is “Children of the Holocaust: Some Personal Reflections”. The event will be moderated by Professor Michael Brenner, Chair of Jewish History and Culture at LMU.

Date: 24.4.2013, 19 Uhr c.t.

Venue: CAS, Seestraße 13, 80802 Munich

Those wishing to attend should first register by sending an e-mail to

In the upcoming lectures in the series Reinhold Baumstark, former Director-General of the Bavarian State Gallery, will speak on the topic “Kinderbildnisse in der Porträtmalerei” (6. May), sociologist Elisabeth Beck-Gernsheim will discuss “Reproduktionsmedizin im Zeitalter der Globalisierung” (12. June) and literary scholar Dietrich von Engelhardt’s talk (20. June), will give a talk entitled “Das kranke Kind im Spiegel der Literatur”.

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