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International Conference on the Foundations of Physics 2013

Munich, 07/17/2013

Quantum mechanics, statistical physics and quantum field theory are among the pillars of modern physics – but what can philosophical approaches contribute to the elucidation of their conceptual bases? Can physics and philosophy complement each other? These issues will be considered by experts from both fields at an International Conference on the Foundations of Physics, which takes place at LMU Munich on 29.-31. July. A broad range of topics will be covered at the Conference. The major focus is on the analysis of specific physical theories, but methodological questions and experimental strategies will also be discussed, together with philosophically instructive episodes from the history of physics.

Conferences on the Foundations of Physics are held every three years. This year’s meeting in Munich is the 17th in the series, and the first to take place on the European continent. All the others were held in the UK, with the last two having been hosted by the Universities of Aberdeen (2010) and Leeds (2007). The 2013 Conference has been organized by the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP), in collaboration with colleagues from the Institute of Mathematics and the Institute for the History of Science at LMU. About 150 experts in the fields of Philosophy, Physics and the History of Science are expected to attend.

Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP)
Researchers at the MCMP utilize mathematical methods to throw new light on problems drawn from diverse branches of philosophy, extending from metaphysics and epistemology, to the philosophy of science to ethics and the philosophy of religion. Around 50 researchers from Germany and abroad currently work at the MCMP. The Center is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, and is led by two Alexander von Humboldt Professors.

The Conference includes a public lecture, to which you are also invited. Attendees are kindly requested to register in advance (see e-mail address above).

Evening Lecture
Julian Barbour: The Mystery of Time and Size in Einstein’s Theory of Gravity
Venue: Hall of Fame, Deutsches Museum, Museumsinsel 1, 80538 Munich
Date: Monday, 29. July 2013, 20:00

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